Assumption Catholic Church
Eden Valley, MN
Parish Registration
464 State Street N
Eden Valley, MN 55329
Welcome to Church of the Assumption!
We are so happy that you have found us! Join us for Mass and become a part of our Catholic community! Assumption has many things to offer to adults, youth, and children. Please let us know how we can help!

If you are interested in joining the church, you can complete the form below or contact the parish office at 320-453-2788 or

Do you have questions?

Good! Your questioning is a sign of a knowledge of God, a sign of the stirrings of faith!

Here’s where to begin:

1. Pray to God for the graces to keep an open heart on this journey.

2. Seek out answers to your questions. Here are some common places that people begin:

a) Online

Catholic Answers: Kids Show (ages 3-16)

Magis Center: Catholic Answers to Science, Faith, and Reason

Relevant Radio: Talk Radio for Catholic Life (online or 1180 AM)

b) The Bible

Read slowly and pray that you will grow in relationship with God. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John contain quotes from Jesus Christ.

c) The local church

Eden Valley: or 453-2788

Watkins: or 764-2755

If you want to become Catholic. . .

The initiation process involves a parish community.

The length of time will be suitable to have a significant experience of the parish community and to have a greater knowledge and love of the Catholic faith.


What can you do immediately?

1. Pray for God’s grace to bring you ever closer to God.

2. Get a Catholic Bible and listen to the Word of God.

‘Keep this book of the law on your lips. Recite it by day and by night that you may observe carefully all that is written in it; then you will successfully attain your goal.” Joshua 1:8

3. Contact either parish to set up a time to meet with Father Aaron Nett and Becky Haag to discuss your spiritual journey.

Eden Valley: or 453-2788

Watkins: or 764-2755

The mission of Assumption Parish is to be Jesus Christ’s heart of mercy, voice of hope, and hands of justice.

The reasons to be a parishioner include . . .

      • be encouraged on their journey to become closer disciples of Jesus Christ.
      • belong to a parish family.
      • receive church mailings, newsletters, and invitations to the activities of the parish.
      • a smoother process for baptizing a child, receiving 1st Holy Communion, being a confirmation sponsor, getting married, or having a funeral.
      • a right of burial in the parish cemetery.
      • decreased tuition rates for faith formation classes.
      • receive recognition and church envelopes.
                  Parishioners are asked to . . .
      • attend and participate in Sunday Mass (or Saturday evening). 
      • serve in part of the liturgy.
      • participate in the sacraments for sanctification. 
      • practice a personal prayer life.  Ask for God’s blessing each morning, offer a prayer at mealtime, and give thanks to God each night.
      • commit time, talent, and money to the church.  Explore this site to find ways in which parishioners are encouraged to share their gifts from God.  Christian stewards, empowered by the Holy Spirit, commit themselves to conscious, purposeful decisions.