Assumption Catholic Church
in Eden Valley, MN

Sacramental Needs

Please contact the parish office (453-2788 or for more information about sacramental needs.

Funeral: Those who follow the way of Jesus shall, body and soul, be forever in heaven in the presence of God.  The body has been the temple of the Holy Spirit and should be honored as such.  The wake and vigil prayer is a time to tell stories of the loved one and recall what Jesus told us about eternal life.  The funeral Mass is the ultimate prayer to commend the dead to God’s merciful love, to plead for the forgiveness of their sins, and to express our belief in resurrection.  We will rise in our bodies so we reverently prepare the place for the body to await resurrection.  It is our obligation to pray for those who have died and people are encouraged to offer Masses for the dead.  

Mass Intentions: The priest and all congregants who participate in Mass are given an infinite amount of sanctifying grace.  That grace can be applied to specific intentions, whether of the priest or the faithful.  The priest will pray especially for your intentions at the Holy Mass during the Intercessory Prayers and/or at the Eucharistic Prayer loudly or silently.  If you would like to have the priest offer a Mass for your intentions, please use the Mass Intention Prayer Request and set on the sacristy counter, drop in the collection basket, mail, or e-mail.

House Blessing: Christians begin whatever they do with prayer.  It has been the practice of Christians for centuries to have new dwellings blessed either before or just after settling in.  The priest asks God to have mercy on the house, rid it of every evil, and fill it with every blessing.  The house blessing may be repeated as desired.  By sanctifying our living quarters, we extend the grace of God to our individual dwellings and the connection of the Church to the home.  House blessings are offered after Easter.