Assumption Catholic Church
in Eden Valley, MN
Auto Transfer Donation Instructions
  •  Any parishioner who wants to deposit money directly to the church account needs to fill out an Auto Transfer Authorization form. 
  • This particular service is for Farmers & Merchants Bank in Eden Valley customers only. 
  • Additional Charges:
    • There is no charge for this service if the parishioner chooses to transfer money monthly. 
    • If a weekly transfer is desired, a $1.00 fee is added for each week. 
    • If an annual transfer is desired, there is no fee added. 
  • Any parishioner who wants to make any changes to their current auto transfer should fill out a new form, but also sign on the bottom of the form to cancel the original auto transfer. 
  • The completed Auto Transfer Authorization should be returned to the parish office (PO Box 9, Eden Valley, MN 55329 or through the mail, collection basket, or e-mail.
  • Thank you!!!