Assumption Catholic Church
Eden Valley, MN
Part of Christ our Hope Area Catholic Community

Parish Organization

All organizations focus on setting goals, implementing plans to achieve the goals, and then evaluating.  Each parish organization focuses on a separate area of the parish, but they all follow the same process.

Trustees: Each Catholic parish in the Diocese of St. Cloud is a separate corporation.  These corporations have responsibility for matters relating to the parish’s “temporalities” (earthly or material goods- things like its income and its assets) and are governed by a Board of Trustees.  The Board of Trustees has legal and fiduciary responsibility for overseeing the management of the financial affairs of the parish.  The Board of Trustees consists of: a President (the Bishop), a Vice President (Vicar General), a Secretary (the Pastor) and two Lay Trustees who must be active members of the parish. 

Parish Finance Council: The Finance Council has the responsibility to counsel the pastor regarding administration of the parish’s temporal goods.  It seeks to serve as good stewards of the financial gifts entrusted to the parish.  This committee will bring together those with knowledge in the area of finance to suggest ways to manage parish funds and to make them available to meet the needs of the parish now and in the future. 

Building and Grounds Committee: The Building and Grounds Committee advises the pastor on parish facility repairs/replacements, use, and safety.  They also assist to find parishioners who will donate time and talents for parish maintenance tasks.

Parish Pastoral Council: After the family, the parish is the most important form of community within the diocese.  In the parish, Christ’s faithful are gathered together into one, under the headship of the pastor.  The pastoral council assists the pastor in the spiritual care of God’s people and in the administration of the spiritual good of the Church.  The parish pastoral council has responsibility to give counsel to the pastor regarding the personal needs of the parish.