Assumption Catholic Church
Eden Valley, MN
Part of Christ our Hope Area Catholic Community

 Liturgical Ministries

We celebrate the Eucharist as the source and summit of our faith, praying as Christ did, that all may be one.  The liturgical committee includes the coordinators of each group.  The liturgical committee assists the pastor in preparing and providing for spiritual development through liturgical celebrations, setting parish policy for liturgical issues, and educating the parish in issues of liturgy. 


Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion: Assist the priest is distributing Holy Communion in a reverent and orderly manner.  The instructions and schedule are available. 

Home Eucharistic Ministers: Distribute Holy Communion to the homebound parishioners and those in nursing homes and hospitals.  The instructions are available. 

Ushers: Welcome and help visitors and parishioners, help the uncomfortable feel more comfortable, collect donations and present at offertory, distribute bulletins, and clean up church after Mass.  Th instructions and schedule are available.


Lectors: Proclaim the word of God at Masses.  The instructions and schedule are available.

Altar Servers: Anticipate what the priest will need and when.  The instructions and schedule are available. 


Gift Bearers: Represent the parish by bringing the bread, wine, and gifts to the altar.  The instructions and schedule  are available.




Please contact the parish office (453-2788 or, if you would like to be a leader.

The Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers Coordinator trains, schedules, and thanks Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion for Mass and for homebound parishioners.   The coordinator maintains an updated list of homebound parishioners.  For more information, contact Joyce Gertken, 453-7355.

The Usher Coordinator trains, schedules, and thanks ushers. For more information, contact Kevin Nohner, 6318.

The Lector Coordinator trains, schedules, and thanks ushers. For more information, contact Lona Brutger, 420-9658.

The Altar Server Coordinator trains, schedules, and thanks altar servers.  For more information, contact Sheri Blonigen, 248-4617.

Sacristans: The volunteers make the necessary immediate preparations to celebrate the Eucharist on weekdays and weekends.  Sacristans care for and arrange the liturgical books, vestments, and other things (cruets, chalices, ciboria, linens, oils, crosses, candles, bells) necessary for the celebration of Mass.  He/she repairs or replaces to ensure the availability of all things needed for Mass.  For more information, contact Steve Schoenecker, 597-3292.

Feast of the Assumption of Mary Leader: Commemorate the death of Mary and her bodily assumption into Heaven before her body could decay.  Celebrate our parish namesake.   Plan a special liturgical celebration for the Feast of Assumption.  For more information, contact Dave Moran, 453-2343.

Decorating Committee:  There are many times during the year when decoration in the church adds to the spirit of celebration.  Special arrangements, banners, and other aspects of décor are important in helping us achieve an environment of worship.  The Decorating Committee will plan for and implement the decoration of the interior of the church building.  The decorating committee leads in the care and storage of all decorative items.  The committee may need to work with the Building and Grounds Committee on projects involving construction and remodeling of church properties, regarding their interior décor.  For more information, contact a committee member:

            JoAnn Rademacher, 453-5171,

Diane Thielen, 453-6425,

Dave & Anne Moran, 453-2343

Dorothy Brutger, 453-5965

Musicians:  Throughout each year, the church community is graced by the talents and commitment of its musicians.  Their devotion to music as a means of enhancing the liturgy is a gift to the entire parish.  Anyone able to play a musical instrument or interested in singing is invited to share the talent that God has given them.  The organ is equipped with prerecorded songs for cantors to use for accompaniment if desired.  The Musician Coordinator trains, schedules, and thanks musicians.  The coordinator supervises maintenance of music equipment and orders materials as needed.  Parishioners are encouraged to participate fully in the liturgy by singing along.  For more information or to serve, contact:

Lisa Thielen, 453-2068,

Kris Latcham, (320) 493-9812,