Assumption Catholic Church
Eden Valley, MN
Part of Christ our Hope Area Catholic Community

Youth Ministries

We pass on the faith to children and youth.  The faith is passed on through evangelization, parish life, and youth ministry  We have 1st through 10th graders that come during the day from  school for religious education every week.  The young people are the future adult church; please help teach them our Catholic faith!



1st-10th Grade Catechist Assistant: Assist the catechist with checking student work, making bulletin boards, and listening to students recite prayers.  Confirmed students are encouraged to be assistants during a study hall hour of their school day.  Substitutes are also welcome.  If you would like to serve or would like more information, please contact Christy Louwagie, 453-5765,

Classroom Angel: Student treats are a fun and easy way to let students know that they are loved.  Classroom Angels assist the catechists by providing treats for the classes.  One anonymous Classroom Angel is assigned to each faith formation class and provides treats six times per school year.  If you would like to serve or would like more information, please contact Bonnie Meyer, 453-5765,

'The Gathering' chaperone:   'The Gathering' is a place for all 9-12 Assumption/St. Anthony's youth to come and be with others.  Chaperone strengths would be intercessory prayer, hospitality, activities, promotions, small group facilitating, or production/social media.  If you would like to serve or would like more information, please contact, 453-5765,

Youth Retreat Chaperone: Youth retreats give the youth a sense of belonging to the universal Catholic Church. Chaperones are needed to assist with the supervision of the youth. For more information or to chaperone, contact, 453-5765,

St. Cloud Diocesan Jr. High Youth Rally: The January youth rally promotes the role of the Church and the Gospel in the lives of youth in 6th - 8 th grade. 

St. Cloud Diocesan Sr. High Youth Rally: The October youth rally promotes the role of the Church and the Gospel in the lives of youth in 9th 12th grade. 

Castaway: Through a variety of opportunities, youth are drawn into responsible participation in the life, work, and mission of the Church. Castaway is a 3-day retreat in March near Detroit Lakes for youth in grades 9-12. 

Steubenville Youth Conference: The Steubenville conference invites young people into a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ through the Sacraments of the Church and the power of the Holy Spirit. This experience of Christ’s love opens their hearts to become His disciples and embrace the mission of the Catholic Church. Steubenville Conference is in the summer and for youth in 8th -12th grade. 

National Catholic Youth Conference: The NCYC is an exciting, biennial threeday experience of prayer, community, and empowerment for Catholic teenagers. The schedule includes keynote addresses, workshop sessions, liturgy, reconciliation, prayer and worship, and recreation. 

A Call to Service (Summer) Mission Trip: A Call to Service is a week-long high school retreat with the goal of developing a commitment to service as a life-long component of faith. The youth will experience a community of faith and will share their experience with their faith community back home. Chaperones are needed to assist with the supervision of the youth. 

Catholic Heart Work Camp (Summer) Mission Trip: This camp restores homes and hearts, feeds the hungry, lifts the spirits of children, and brings joy to the elderly and disabled. Participants spend a youth-friendly, Christcentered week caring for others. The summer mission trip may be in Minnesota or in another state. Chaperones are needed to assist with the supervision of the youth. 

Youth in Theology and Ministry: This retreat fosters excitement for theological learning and promotes vocations in church leadership. It engages Catholic young people to become vibrant leaders in their faith journey and vocational call. This is a two week youth retreat at St. John’s University with other high school youth. 

Fundraiser Worker: The Valley Daze Stand and Super Bowl Sunday Make Your Own Sub are set up to help defray the costs for the youth to participate in activities throughout the year. Workers are needed to assist with the product sales and the supervision of the youth.



Please contact the faith formation office (453-2788 or, if you would like to be a leader.

Children’s Liturgy: EFoster a lively and active faith for families of children ages 3 until they receive their first Communion (with exceptions for disabilities). Give them opportunities and tools to grow in love of God's Word- scripture, the Mass, reconciliation, and all aspects of our Catholic faith. The children are invited to the front of church at the beginning of Mass and are led downstairs after the Kyrie.  Then, before the Eucharistic Liturgy begins, the children are led upstairs where the adults have meanwhile celebrated their own Liturgy of the Word.  For more information or to teach Children’s Liturgy, contact Janet Binsfeld, 444-1619,

Confirmation Retreat: The confirmation retreat provides an opportunity for each confirmation candidate to have a personal and prayerful time for conversation with God, a time to pray, and a time to ponder their faith.  Help is needed for set up, clean up, table leaders, speakers, musicians, or cooks.  If you would like more information or would like to serve, please contact Bonnie Meyer, 453-5765,

Vacation Bible School: Vacation Bible School is a unique opportunity for sharing Jesus Christ and positively impacting the kingdom of God.  Vacation Bible School is an opportunity to establish relationships with others and encourage spiritual growth.  If you would like more information or would like to serve, please contact Christy Louwagie, 453-2788,

1st-10th Grade Catechist: Provide an environment in which students are enabled to build their relationship with God and develop behavior showing high moral standards.  Catechists willingly share the tradition, participate in the church’s life, and teach through Scripture stories, discussion, prayer, and liturgy.  Proclaim Christ’s message, develop community, lead students to worship, and motivate them to serve others.  Substitutes are also welcome.  If you would like to be a catechist or would like more information, please contact Becky Haag, 453-5765,

1st Grade Catechist: God Loves You, Tuesdays, 10:00-11:25

2nd Grade Catechist: Reconciliation and First Communion, Thursdays 12:45-1:45

3rd Grade Catechist: We Are The Church, Thursdays 1:45-2:50

4th Grade Catechist: The Ten Commandments, Tuesdays, 1:30-2:50

 5th Grade Catechist: The Sacraments, Thursdays, 9:30-10:55

6th Grade Catechist: Scripture, Wednesdays, 1:30-2:50

7th Grade Catechist: Sexuality and Relationships

                              Wednesdays, alternating 8:19-9:07, 9:15-10:03, 10:11-10:59, or 12:30-1:18

8th Grade Catechist: Jesus, Church, Sacraments, Trinity, Kingdom of God, Morality

                              Wednesdays, alternating 8:19-9:07, 9:15-10:03, 10:11-10:59, or 12:30-1:18

9th Grade Catechist: Church History

                              Wednesdays, alternating 8:19-9:07, 9:15-10:03, 10:11-10:59, or 12:30-1:18

10th Grade Catechist: Confirmation Preparation

Wednesdays, alternating 8:19-9:07, 9:15-10:03, 10:11-10:59, or 12:30-1:18

The Youth Retreat Coordinator is responsible for organizing youth retreats, leading meetings with youth, parents, and chaperones. The coordinator is expected to chaperone the youth retreats.  For more information or to chaperone, contact, 453-5765,

The Fundraising Coordinator is responsible for getting product to sell at the stand, setting up the stand, lining up youth and adults to work, oversee the stand, and clean up the stand.  For more information or to chaperone, contact Jenny Evens, 260-0427, 

The Gathering Leader: Help youth (grades 9-12) grow in their faith and actively participate in the church. The Assumption/St. Anthony's (ASA) youth meet once a month on a Sunday evening. The meetings are motivational and are opportunities to talk about upcoming events, follow up past events, and stay connected with other youth. For more information, contact, 453-5765, 

Catalyst Supervisor: Being ecumenical means praying for the unity of the church and being alert to the presence of God and the action of the Holy Spirit in the lives of other Christians. The 9th -12th grade Christian group from the high school meets before and after school on Wednesdays. Catalyst seeks to ignite passion for Christ. 

Youth Mass Coordinator: Encourage youth to actively participate in the Mass and learn about the liturgy. Youth Masses throughout the year include the faith formation kick-off, All Saints Day, Ash Wednesday, faith formation year-end, and Graduates Mass. All parishioners are invited to attend the Youth Masses. For more information, contact Becky Haag, 453-5765,

Youth Choir Director: There are lots of ways to pray, but none of the spoken variations is as powerful as the ones we sing. The director prepares the music that is needed for the youth Masses, invites participants, and organizes practices. For more information, contact Lisa Thielen, (612) 839-8359,

October Living Rosary Coordinator: A living Rosary is when people are used to represent each bead of the Rosary. Each person leads one prayer of the Rosary. The living Rosary unites with one purpose, spirit, and prayer. Invite the youth and adults of the parish to gather and say the Rosary together. Parishioners are encouraged to take part in the Living Rosary and attend Mass following the Rosary. For more information, contact Becky Haag, 453-5765,

Kids Fighting Hunger Coordinator: One of the corporal works of mercy is to feed the hungry. The packaging sessions are a unique way to get involved in the fight against world hunger right here in Central Minnesota. Each session offers a wide range of information about poverty and hunger, an opportunity to package food to feed hundreds of thousands all over the world, the possibility of tasting the food we package, and a great sense of accomplishment upon completion. 

Feast of St. Nicholas Coordinator: St. Nicholas was a man of faith who lived his life in devotion to Christ. He cared for the needy, loved children, pointed to Jesus (the heart of Christmas), and lived a life that inspires compassion and charity. Work with St. Joseph’s and St. Mary’s Council to pack gift bags for the children on the weekend nearest St. Nicholas Day. Organize the distribution of the gift bags. For more information, contact Jenny Evens, 260-0427,

Share The Spirit: We share our gifts with those who are in need. The leader is responsible for deciding how many families or size of family to help and setting up the Giving Tree. The leader is also responsible for collecting donations, organizing shopping and wrapping the gifts, and giving the gifts to Catholic Charities to give to the family or families before Christmas. Parishioners are encouraged to be generous in donating items or money to Share the Spirit. For more information, contact Jeanne Schmitz, 453-5535,

Christmas Pageant Coordinator: Bring to life the true meaning of Christmas. Parishioners are invited to the Christmas Pageant on Christmas Eve. The coordinator must work with parish staff and the Christmas Pageant Youth Choir Director.  

Thirty-hour Famine Coordinator: Unite youth in their efforts to live the Gospel, love God, serve the hungry, and invite nonmembers and less-active youth to participate. The coordinator is responsible for picking a date, inviting youth, and planning activities during the 30-hour famine. Some of the past activities have included volunteering at Place of Hope to feed the homeless and work in their thrift store.  For more information or to chaperone, contact Lisa Brown, 248-5258,

Operation Shoebox Coordinator: Support our troops around the world. Fill shoeboxes with items such as coffee, magazines, and socks for soldiers overseas. 

Living Stations of the Cross Coordinator: Unite youth in their efforts to live the Gospel, invite less-active youth to participate, and remind us to renounce sin and accept Jesus as our Savior. Parishioners are encouraged to attend the Living Stations and show support for our youth. 

May Crowning of Mary Coordinator: Mary is a perfect follower of Christ. She won the crown of righteousness, life, and glory that is promised to those who follow Christ. The coordinator invites all the first communicants to wear their 1st communion clothes and present flowers to Mary after Mass. The coordinator also selects a first communicant to crown Mary and organizes a prayer and/or song for the crowning of Mary. For more information, contact Jenni Scherer, 453-2216,