Assumption Catholic Church
in Eden Valley, MN

Adult Faith Formation

We pass on the faith to young adults, adults, and RCIA candidates.  The faith is passed on through evangelization, parish life, and adult faith formation.

Lighthouse Catholic Kiosk: The Kiosk is located in the back of church and a variety of CD's are available for you to use in your faith formation.  Let the variety of talks inspire, motivate, and encourage you.  There are currently CD's about prayer, Mary, the value of human life, suffering, marriage, parenting, and the last things.  A donation of $4 per CD is suggested.

Bible Study: Bible study draws parishioners into the sacraments and liturgy, develops relationships with others, and multiplies discipleship.  Bible study is offered during Advent and Lent- unless some other form of study takes place. The director provides encouragement and guidance for groups to commit to Bible study.  Bible study may be offered during Advent and/or Lent and through the parish, men’s group, or women’s group.  

RCIA Preparation: We teach those who want to learn about the Catholic faith.  This includes those who are not associated with a community of faith, those who are associated  with a different faith and who wish to become Catholic, or those who want to learn about the Catholic faith, but do not wish to become Catholic. This also includes children.  If you are interested in RCIA preparation, either as a candidate or as a leader, please contact the parish office, 453-2788,

Marriage Preparation: When couples want to marry in the Catholic Church, we offer them sacramental preparation that incorporates the wisdom of Christian teaching and the reality of God’s grace.  The priest will assign a mentor couple to work with the engaged couple.  The mentor couple helps prepare couples for marriage and nurture conversation about Catholic identity and the sacramental nature of marriage.  The following parishioners assist with marriage preparation class:

            Bill & Beth Hesse, 223-2407,

            Rob & Becky Haag, (612) 206-2746,

            Randy & Molly Zimmerman, 243-7789,   

Baptism Preparation: When a person seeks to baptize their child, we serve them by offering their family sacramental preparation.  Randy & Molly Zimmerman, 243-7789,, assist with baptismal preparation classes.