Assumption Catholic Church
in Eden Valley, MN
FRANK RUNYEON: SERMON ON THE MOUNT AND FAITH VS. HOLLYWOOD: Frank Runyeon is a Catholic who went to Hollywood and then decided to devote his life to spreading the Gospel. He graduated from Fuller Seminary and Yale Divinity Schools. Frank starred for seven years on As the World Turns. He then appeared for four years on Santa Barbara and General Hospital. He has guest starred on many shows including: Falcon Crest, Melrose Place, All My Children, L.A. Law, and The Young & The Restless. He was nominated for a Daytime Emmy this year. He has been performing the Gospel for the past 20 years. 

He will perform a one-man drama for 35 minutes which will leave you feeling as if you were taken back in time; then for the next 35 minutes, he will humorously speak about Hollywood vs. Faith. 

This event will be October 20th at 7:00 PM in the EV-W HS Auxiliary Gym. 

The family-friendly event is open to the public; a free-will offering to cover his air travel and rental

Greetings Everyone!

It’s really important for us as Catholics to be active in our community. But what we often miss is that the relationships we have should extend farther than just seeing each other at Mass on Sundays or in our Confirmation classes. Make no mistake, these are super important things for us to take part of! But Jesus didn’t just teach His Disciples; they were His closest friends too! This is something young people in the Church should aspire to, particularly teens.

We ought to not only be Brothers and Sisters in Christ through faith, but also be close friends. J.A.M Sessions are meant to charge at this idea. This is done in two steps during each session:

First, we jam! One of the best ways Catholic teens can be active and effective in the Church is to…well, be teens! When we get together we hang out, eat food, crack jokes, and be social. If teens want to be active in their faith and their community, they ought be friends and know one another. And if they’re friends, they should act like it and do what friends do!

Second, we J.A.M. (Jesus And Me) Not only will teens grow closer in friendship, but they will be formed as Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Faith isn’t something to be practiced only once a week, but is something that should be incorporated in our daily lives. Not only do we have fun as friends together, but also help teens embrace the beauty and joy that the Catholic faith offers to them.

Our first J.A.M. Session will be on October 22 at St. Anthony immediately following the 4 pm Mass. All teens, or grades 7-12, are invited to attend for food, games, music, jokes, you, me, and Jesus. Hope to see you there!

Peace out,


40 DAYS FOR LIFE, SEPTEMBER 28-NOVEMBER 6: You are invited to join thousands of advocates for life with Prayer, Fasting and Peaceful Vigil at Planned Parenthood in St. Cloud to protect human life in the womb. Over the past ten years 11,000+ unborn babies have been saved by prayers, fasting, and the grace of God in defense of life. Everyone can take part in 40 Days for Life. Our hours are 7 AM- 7 PM, Monday-Friday. Call Judy Haag at 453-7592 or e-mail her at for further details. This is an opportunity for YOU to contribute and be a part of “The Beginning of the End to Abortion” in our nation and world.
MASS SERVER PARTY: The Mass servers and their families went on a pilgrimage to the Grasshopper Chapel in Cold Spring on Sunday, September 18th. After the pilgrimage, the group traveled to the Zimmerman's home for burgers and games.
GARDEN VEGETABLES: If you have any extra vegetables from your garden, you can donate them at the church to share with others. Just bring them to church and place them on the table in the back. Call Tom or Mary Ruhland at 453-2575 with any questions.